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Coming Soon. Personal message, perfect timing.

Schedule SMS messages with Helllo.

  • "Now I can write a bunch of notes when I have time! I haven't missed a birthday or anniversary since Helllo."
  • "I had no idea this would be helpful, but it's actually making me more thoughtful."
  • Never miss another holiday, anniversary, birthday or a random chance to say helllo.
Revolutionary Perfection

Simple concept.

People prefer personal messaging. Don't forget another birthday or anniversary or be 1 of 100 people to say Happy Birthday or Happy Holidays on Facebook. We find all your friends on Facebook, pull in their birthdays, and make sending a personal note automatic...but with a personal touch.

Use Helllo to be more personal, at exactly the right time.

Oooh shiny object!

It's about doing, not reminding.

With Helllo you take action instead of putting it off until later.

Meet someone new - write them a personal message while the meeting is fresh. Finish a first date - write your note and make sure the date is for at LEAST 48 hours later. We're all busy, we lose track of time, we forget what day it is, and sometimes we need a way to write a message now, but send it later. Done. Meet Helllo.